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Our vision is to improve the human ecosystems of organizations, in which the development of individuals expands to improve their families, their communities, and the world.

TheHumanEcosystem.com is a collaborative effort of individuals who are committed to promoting positive change and creating a sustainable future. The goal of this site is to provide tips and best practices on how to promote professional development and organizational effectiveness.

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Contributing editors:

Bill Moore is Principal with “William Moore HR Consulting” specializing in customized management and employee training in the areas of: hostile workplace, sexual harassment, employee engagement, and discrimination. Experiences in: military, private, government, family owned, nation-wide corporate, entrepreneurial, single and multi-site, union and non-union, for-profit and not-for-profit organizations equip him for immediate impact in most assignments.

He has been active in: HR, Worker’s Comp., Training and Development, Compensation, and other trade associations. He takes special pride in the long list of HR Professionals, and Non-HR Management, he has been privileged to assist in their own career growth.

Maureen McNamara, Facilitator, Speaker and Coach has been involved with training for over twelve years and has facilitated hundreds of workshops to diverse groups of participants from entry-level employees to upper management. With a BA in philosophy, Maureen was meant to be a life coach and help people reach their full potential. She continues her business development as a Professionally Trained Coach through The Coaches Training Institute and an instructor of several courses with Dale Carnegie Training.
Organizations benefit from Maureen’s ability to deliver highly interactive and compelling workshops with enthusiasm and humor. Each workshop participant is actively involved in their learning process to ensure the skills taught are understood, remembered and used.


Mike Monahan is a founding partner and serves as Chief Methodology Officer for CRS.  His career in healthcare began as a Nurse Corps Officer in the U.S. Navy.  His corporate experience has included organizational work from frontline patient care through C- level leadership.  In 20 years of healthcare performance consulting, Mike has helped teams and individuals measurably improve their performance, and has focused on workplace relationships, employee engagement, and retention. Mike has published numerous articles in professional journals, and is co-author of Where There’s Change There’s Opportunity; Irresistible Leadership; Thriving on Change; and  Insight from the Experts, a 6-volume series of management development books. He frequently speaks at national conferences, and has worked with over 300 hospitals, healthcare associations, and healthcare professional service firms.

Mike is certified by Strategic Programs, Inc. in the Strategic360®, the Strategic TurnOver Program™, and Organizational Effectiveness assessments; and in other performance and style assessments. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Colorado, and his Masters in Educational Administration from Roosevelt University, Chicago – both “With Honors.”  Mike is licensed as an RN in Colorado.

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